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Skin Application Instructions

General Recommendations

For best results, wipe the surface area using a microfiber cloth to ensure no fibers are left on the mouse. A clean, dry, soft cloth can also work.

If there is any gunk or grease, thoroughly wipe off using alcohol wipes. Avoid soapy water or wet cleaning methods, as the moisture can damage inner mechanics. You can also use a compressed air duster to blow out any dust or dislodged debris.

Make sure to also thoroughly wipe down the edges, as many of our vinyl skin designs have tabs that go over the sides.

Begin by washing your hands and your workspace, as particles that might get stuck to the adhesive side of the vinyl are difficult to remove.

Lift the vinyl from the backing paper, making sure to touch the adhesive side as little as possible, as your skin oils and residue can greatly reduce the adhesiveness. You can use the backing paper to hold on to the skin while maneuvering it.

Before beginning to apply, align the vinyl to your product. Most of our products have video tutorials posted on the product page, detailing where to start aligning the skin.

Do not apply pressure until you are confident with your positioning.

As a rule of thumb, for body pieces with logos, begin by aligning the logo first; having the mouse on and lit up is helpful to this step, as it makes the logo easier to see. Mouse button skins are usually aligned from the bottom upwards. Skins are always applied tab last, so align the skins from edges or corners that do not have tabs.

From the point of alignment, carefully apply pressure and move outwards with your fingers.

Especially on curved surfaces, it helps to move slowly, rubbing small circles to apply pressure. Moving incrementally outwards, in a windshield wiper fashion. Applying it in this arching motion ensures that when you reach the edge of the skin, you are applying the center of the curved edge first, and the corners last.

While applying, when you are confident with your application, be sure to push hard to secure the vinyl well. It is helpful to use a microfiber cloth when pressing, as it glides easily on the vinyl.

If you feel a wrinkle forming under your finger, do not push through the wrinkle. This may form permanent lines in your vinyl skin. Instead, use the backing paper as a hold to gently pull back the vinyl a couple steps, and redo the area. When pulling back the vinyl, use a firm but gentle grip, as the vinyls can be stretched with rough or taut pulling, and the design will become warped.

As you move, when the unstuck vinyl begins to crimp, use a blowdryer for no more than a few seconds at a time to assist the vinyl in conforming to the curve. Overheating the vinyl may result in undesirable stretching or warping.

When applying tabs, use a blowdryer to conform it to the edge of your product surface, before firmly applying pressure outwards, always in the direction towards the edge of the skin.

Be patient! A seamless application takes time, and we would love for you to completely enjoy your results.

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